About Berit Frivold

Berit FrivoldAs an esthetician trained in London, England I ran my own Day-Spa in Telemark, Norway, for three years.  Eager to expand my horizon I then trained as a Nurse and worked in the University of Oslo National Hospital (Rikshospitalet) before marrying an moving to California in 1993.

After developing Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was sidelined for several years. I refused to accept the dismal prognosis suggested by the medical literature and eagerly pursued all kinds of conventional and alternative therapeutic approaches without much luck.

After attending a 3 day Lightning Process® training session while on vacation in Norway in July, 2008 I experienced a dramatic recovery.  I considered returning to my nursing profession, but felt that my energy would likely better be spent as an instructor/coach helping other victims regaining their health.  Encouraged by my instructor, herself a tutor at the Phil Parker Training Institute® in London, I applied and was accepted as a student.  This was a significant test of my recovery.  In addition to a intensive home-study program I had to travel from Southern California to London 10 times over the next year and spend part of the summer of 2009 in London.

I became the first US based Lightning Process practitioner in 2010.   Since then I have had the privilege of training clients from all over the US, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand. I am based in Southern California, but also conduct courses in other locations in the US (see my schedule) or call me to discuss addition locations.

I regularly go back to London to attend professional development seminars with Phil Parker, and I am also a Life Coach with special training in NLP and ‘Strategic Interventions’  (a graduate of the Robbins-Madanes Training program, the official Coach Training School of Tony Robbins). I maintain my status as a Registered Nurse in California and Norway.

I am very excited about the recoveries I have witnessed since being introduced to the Lightning Process, and I count it a great privilege to be able to share my experience here in the US.



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