News-update (provided by Berit’s husband – October 11, 2018):
Berit is currently on sick-leave.  Recovering from major brain-surgery. She will also need further treatment and is therefore taking a break from her Lightning Process® practice. No date has yet been established for her return.   In the meantime we highly recommend her colleague: Amanda Ashley in Portland, OR. Her website is:

(Berit has found the principles of the Lightning Process to be very helpful as she prepared for the surgery – and also now as she deals with her pain, is managing her recovery, and dealing with the uncertainties ahead.  We have also been impressed – again – how important it is to have a thorough medical evaluation, to exclude potentially reversible conditions, before you make use of the powerful tools the Lightning Process employs, and to re-evaluate if major new symptoms should present.)

Best wishes in your pursuit of health, vitality and the ‘life you would love’.

The consultation service below may therefore be inactive for the time being….
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