These are brief excerpts from the full stories of these amazing people, written in their own words, about how the Lightning Process and my services have helped them.


“The Lightning Process have given me life back”

Berit is kind and compassionate, supportive and empowering, resourceful and reasonable. She taught me the process and then supported me for months as I learned to integrate it into my day-to-day life. When I forget to do the process, what to do, or how to do it, she’s there with patience and understanding, reminders, and encouragement. Berit and the Lightning Process have given me life back. I am grateful beyond measure.

New York, NY


“I continued to be amazed”

More than a year after taking the training, I continue to be amazed at how much easier, richer and more joyful my life has become with these transformational tools.  I can’t help but imagine how the world could be transformed if everyone had access to this powerful, life-changing teaching.

Portland, OR


“It has made a huge difference”

The Lightning Process is intriguingly simple, but it has been effective in my case and because it has made a huge difference in my life for the better, I am more grateful than I can say to Berit, Phil Parker, and my friends who made me aware of it.

Timothy T.
Northern California

“I no longer have chronic fatigue… I have my life back”

IMG_0244 - Version 2Now, 6 months later, I no longer have chronic fatigue. No severe post-exertional malaise. No severe cognitive impairments. I am able to exercise more regularly, slowly building up the strength I had lost. I am active every day. I no longer take rest breaks automatically. I need more reasonable amounts of sleep… it takes time, patience and work to adjust to all these changes. But I have my life back, and its nothing less than extraordinary.

 Laura R.



“Liberating and empowering”

Learning The Lightning Process has made a big difference in my life. It has been both liberating and empowering. Previously when I got early migraine symptoms, it just got worse and worse. Nothing seemed to stop it. The course taught me that I am powerful in influencing what happens next.

Pia Reierson
Sydney, Australia


“Suddenly, so much is possible… it works”

… I am now walking about a mile in the sun everyday and at a normal pace, and sometimes I walk two miles.  All of this is tremendously exciting to me and to my husband and the friends who watched me suffer for so long.   When I was first considering trying the Lighting Process,  I found the fee for the workshop to be prohibitive. Now, experiencing the results, the cost of the workshop seems like mere pennies. Suddenly, so much is possible.  Doing the Lightning Process is not easy, it requires tremendous commitment, but it works. Thank you Phil Parker. Thank you Berit!

S.E. Morris
New Mexico


“It’s been more than a year, and I’m doing better than I had dared to hope”

I suffered from a progressive syndrome called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), hypersensitivity to avariety of scents and fumes to the point that I often had to wear a protective mask, and also had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).

After those three days of training in California the fatigue had melted away,  and I was amazed that I could travel for up to three hours without my mask on the plane home. Upon arrival I declined the use of a wheel chair and walked out to greet my sister who was astounded to see me feeling so well.

I am so thankful that Berit and the Lightning Process have helped me regain my life and my health.

Joanne, Canada


“Trying the Lightning Process was the best decision of my life”Version 2

I developed CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) at the age of 20 after having a severe case of mono.
I was sick for 2 years before I was even diagnosed in 2012.

My mother heard about the Lightning Process from a couple at church and how their daughter had
CFS at the age of 16 years old and now is fully cured! I knew I had to try this and it was the best decision of my life.

Here I am 5 years later, working 30 hrs a week, living on my own, doing yoga and hiking every weekend, experiencing and loving life with a new appreciation.  My CFS was a blessing in disguise because it has taught me so much. I have never been so in tuned with my thoughts and my body in my life. The Lighting Process is so empowering not only for people with diseases, but for everyone!

Julie Massé
QC, Canada


It’s not only useful for my recovery, but so many aspects of life ~ helping me create a life I love.15871644_10210162660810348_3835965334607191828_n

It was a dark and devastating time. It felt my life had been stolen…going from an active mom and wife who loved to exercise, snow ski, and scuba dive ~ to someone who had to use whiteboards and sign language to speak to her family, and who virtually lived in a dark bedroom, rarely seeing friends or anyone outside my family. The world and life was passing on without me, and I despaired.

Fast forward a year and a half later. I have traveled through Europe, snow skied, and scuba dived. I still use all the tools I learned prior to LP, and yet I believe LP has accelerated my recovery, and even accelerated the benefits of my other health tools. I still use it every day.  And it’s not only useful for my recovery, but so many aspects of life ~ helping me create a life I love.

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